Your job is my highest priority, and I am actively seeking new clientele in Santa Barbara Co. I Notarize and specialize in all types of Real Estate loan documents, Bank and Travel, & Legal documents and other Miscellaneous documents. I Administer Sworn Oaths, Affirmations, Notarizations of Affidavits, Take Depositions, Purchase and Refinance, Equity Line of Credits. I am a NNA member, NSA certified, Trusted Enrollment Agent, Provides Notarial Service for Lender's Attorney's Realtors, Escrow Companies, Title Companies, Medical Facilities and General Public.  ALSO Business and Lease Inspection, Messenger Service DMV Testing

You must show proper current identification and sign all documents in person, be capable of understanding the terms of notarization.

I will travel anywhere in Santa Barbara Co and Southern San Luis Obispo Co. Your home, Business, Banks, Escrow and Mortgage Companies, Realtors & Attorneys Offices & Hospital.